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We are working in an offshore wind, hydroelectric (Energy solution), waste and Bioenergy, onshore renewable for your securities, guide you in getting the best approach for your long term assets.

Perfetto investments focus on green energy sources that will give you great opportunities, health, and good environment atmosphere of the world.

Green impact reporting services including green impact opinion reporting for a specific project, Green bond or for a portfolio of assets. Project delivery and operations management services for green infrastructure projects. The team are already managing assets on behalf of investors across a broad range of green energy technologies. We provide practice management and investment services to help financial advisors and intermediaries develop highly effective solutions and portfolios for our clients.

Offshore wind

Offshore wind is rapidly needed in all over the world. There is a great location for investment in offshore wind. The long sea area and land give combination of both strong and consistent wind. With favourable locations for turbines, experienced industry to manufacture parts of offshore wind it has a secure position to develop in this area. That will be a good sector for investor to create long term investment and generates great assets. We know how to generate opportunities and give you satisfaction results in validation with offshore wind.

We have created a strategy of financing the development of a project to help offshore wind business create a great future to reinvest in green energy resources. In order to invest in offshore wind give you a great long term plan to manage your portfolio and risk management strategy. Offshore wind is future of peaceful investment and the peaceful earth environment.

Power generation from offshore wind energy has emerged as a promising way for countries to expand their renewable energy, Portfolios and advanced the necessary transformation for a sustainable energy future. This note reviwes investment trends and results highlighting local benefits from offshore wind development. Our in house experts on grid, Offshore ecology, Environmental compliance, Human use considerations, Ground conditions and Planning legislation, Work seamlessly to offer a comperhensive range of great services to investors.

Hydroelectric (Energy solution)

Energy is much required properties for human. Now days latest technologies are producing ecofriendly ways of electricity and store it to actively manage for sufficient use. That will give control on electricity cost and helps cut out carbon pollution.

Perfetto investment focus on basic needs of humanity. Hydroelectric support earth environment and gives energy solution on big way to manage it over our daily needs. We are providing investment in hydroelectric that can make energy work strong for business and provide long term advantages. Over consumption of energy now days give future to scope for hydroelectric. It will give this business to achieve great level. Perfetto investor wants to help the earth environment via energy solution. So investment in this sector gives our clients a better way to look forward to increasing their assets.

Renewable energy sources are the foundation of the global energy. Hydroelectic power stands out because in addition of being a sustainable source. It is widely available and offers significant investment opportunities working closely with developers and regulators. Natural power has the expetise to successfully deliver hydroelectric projects.

Waste and bio energy

Now day’s waste facilities upgrade their strategies for processing food, human waste to large scale waste to bio energy, large amount of human waste from landfill to generating renewable bio energy. There are many upgraded transformations in waste management of household that will produce biodegradable energy. There are many projects working in this business to make the transition from landfill to biodegradable energy.

Perfetto investment provides this green energy transformation project new high to make investor, there such interest to follow up invest. Many investors have been focused on this such type of projects. We are working on this type of projects to empower business in the future that will give our investor long term benefits.

Waste and Bio energy is a significant renewable sources, Because it leads to the distributed generation of electricity, Enhancing and Safeguarding the forest heritage. Bio energy support a proper management of the forest, Which is the precondition for its health and safety. Traditional incineration produces energy by direct combustion of organic waste. Advanced conversion technologies enable higher energy outputs.

Onshore renewable

Onshore renewable energy is collected from land based resources like sunlight, wind, rain which all are natural. This all are used to generate electricity or renewable energy. Solar energy projects have very beneficial for human needs. We are very supportive of this such kind of projects. There are many public and private organizations which are working on this service.

Overall great advantages on onshore renewable that provides much beneficial investment and financial decision that have risk management strategies. We offer a wide range of opportunities for investment in such kind of projects that have long term financing. The potential of this sector is very productive.

Natural power provides expertise in every stage of the onshore wind farm project lifecycle. We invest in onshore wind farms and solar parks on the basis of a long term strategy. Therefor we aim to maximize long term value. We achieve this by making individual asset acquisitions in addition to building a diversified portfolio with risk management across different resource regions and different technology provides.

Grid and Infrastructure

By employing its unique lifecycle approach to consultancy, Natural power is able to support its clients grid and infrastructure project from feasibility, Through to development and construction to the operational phase. Our team experts work closely with developers and regulators to maximize the consent ability and build ability of our clients’ investment projects. Our team can support onshore and offshore grid and infrastructure requirements, including overhead and underground connections, Substations, Power system and Electrical protection as well as offshore transmission operator services.

The Perfetto investment team combines their experience in investment structuring and renewable energy development and operations. Working closely with industry leaders and experienced project developers, We offer our investors robust investments we predictable returns to growth in their own portfolio. We will continue to seek opportunities in the markets where we have already invested, But we are also expecting to expand the investment portfolio as good opportunities arise.

We offer a range of energy storage services with expertise from planning and consenting energy storage solution to make a good opportunity for investment. The knowledge and experience of our team make a particularly educated investor, Greatly facilitating rapid progress through the due diligence and contract negotiation process. The carefully selected team combines long term experience in project development, Financial and Investment.